Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions


The Terms and Conditions listed below apply to ALL orders received and manufactured by Scancon Encoders A/S (hereafter referred to as Scancon).

Product specifications, including dimensions, weights, and all product illustrations, may be modified without prior notice. The Customer is solely responsible for checking Scancon’s website for the latest

specification. Scancon in such case informs the Customer about the changes at the earliest convenience.


All pricing is current. Pricing is valid for 60 days from the date of the Quotation.

Scancon reserves the right to modify or change pricing on the day of delivery if, during manufacturing, changes occur in raw material prices, supplies, wages, exchange rates or other conditions beyond the control of Scancon, including alterations in the tariff rate, freight charges, or insurance rates upon notifying the customer about this.

All pricing is exclusive of any Value Added Tax in force at the time of the order.

All prices are FOB: EX-Works (factory) unless otherwise stated on the Quotation.



All Purchase Orders must list Scancon Encoders as the vendor/supplier. Scancon will not accept Purchase Orders made out to a third party (e.g., a Scancon Distributor or Manufacturers’ Representative).

Expedited Service orders will be accepted only after it has been confirmed that all necessary parts and components are in stock.

Scancon will notify the customer if the requested Expedited Service is not possible.

All Orders are non-cancelable and non-returnable.

Buyer will receive a written Order Confirmation from Scancon. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to review and check the Order Confirmation to ensure it is as agreed.

Scancon reserves the right to determine how much credit will be extended to Buyers based on their credit rating.



Standard Delivery:

15 weeks* lead times may occasionally vary due to unforeseen conditions


As stated in the Quotation: EX-Works (factory) or DDP (customer) (IncoTerms2020)


All deliveries are shipped via the preferred freight carrier of Scancon unless otherwise specified by Buyer (for EX-Works orders - see details below).


Any special packaging will be invoiced to the Buyer

* For orders where payment in advance is required (see Payment section
below), the shipping date will be calculated from the date payment is received


EX-Works shipments:

Buyer is responsible for arranging shipping from the Scancon factory. If the Buyer chooses to have Scancon arrange for shipping, Scancon will ship the product using its preferred freight carrier. Scancon will prepay and add the cost of shipping to the invoice. Prepayments for shipping DO NOT include any Customs Duty or other VAT charges unless expressly stated by Scancon.

The freight carrier may invoice Customs Duty or other VAT charges separately.

Buyers may instruct Scancon to use the Buyer’s preferred freight carrier. However, use of any freight carrier other than the preferred carrier of Scancon will result in a handling fee:

  • €15.00 -- all customers who are paying in Euros (€)
  • $20.00 -- all customers who are paying in US Dollars ($)

Delivery includes only the products and materials confirmed in the Order Confirmation. In the event that modifications are requested (larger or smaller orders, changes in product specifications, etc.), Scancon reserves the right to alter pricing and time of delivery.


Invoice Payment Terms:


Payment shall be In Advance under the following conditions:

  • For all first-time Buyers
  • No credit evaluation prior to shipping product

Net 30 days with credit approval for subsequent purchases.

After 30 days, a 2% per month fee will be added to any unpaid balance


Payments shall be made in the currency that was quoted.


Payment may be made by the following method:

  • Wire transfer
  • Credit Card (3,5%)

In the absence of any other agreement, payment will be due in full 30 days from the date of the Invoice. If payment is made by wire transfer, payment is not considered complete until the entire purchase price has been received in full.

If payment becomes Past Due, the Buyer will be charged 2% interest per month, beginning on the invoice due date, on any remaining balance until payment has been received in full.

If the conditions of payment agreed upon are not fulfilled, Scancon reserves the right to cancel subsequent shipments. Scancon shall invoice the Buyer, and the Buyer agrees to pay, for any work in progress and any component parts purchased by Scancon based upon the original order.



Scancon warrants against manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the date of manufacture.

In case of product failure for unknown reasons, the Buyer may return the product and Scancon will perform a Failure Analysis. If it is determined that the product failure was the result of a manufacturing defect, the defective product will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the Buyer. The shipping cost for returning the encoder will be credited to the Buyer. If it is determined that failure occurred due to common usage or because of improper use by the Buyer, the Buyer will be charged a fee of €150.00 for the Failure Analysis and will be provided with a report as well as the cost to repair (if possible) or replace the unit. If the Buyer chooses not to repair or replace the unit, Scancon will dispose of it.

The above remedies are the ONLY remedies that the Buyer may initiate against Scancon.

Under NO circumstances shall any credit or refund be issued for returned encoders. This applies to both standard and specially produced products. 

NO warranty of any nature shall run from Scancon to any Third Parties.

Under NO circumstances may the Buyer claim damages for late delivery due to delays by the Freight Carrier.

This warranty is void if the Buyer tampers with or in any way attempts to fix or repair the product without express written consent from Scancon.

This warranty is void if the encoder label has been removed.

This warranty is void if the Buyer has not fulfilled the conditions of payment as listed above.


Product Liability

Scancon is liable for its products only to the extent covered by Danish law.

Under NO circumstances is Scancon liable for products manufactured by the Buyer that incorporate seller’s products.

Under NO circumstances is Scancon liable for damage to property that occurs while the product is in the Buyer’s possession.

In any case where damage to persons or items has been caused by dangerous deficiencies in the product, Scancon is responsible ONLY to the extent that such deficiencies were caused by Scancon.

Under NO circumstances is Scancon liable if the Buyer has modified or in any way changed, tampered with, or attempted to repair Seller’s product.

Under NO circumstances is Scancon liable for operational or production time loss or loss of profits or other similar indirect losses.

Under NO circumstances may the Buyer claim damages for consequential losses or secondary damages, including claims for damages by third parties.

Complaints Any complaints concerning goods or service must be in writing and submitted within 14 days after receipt of goods.


Intellectual Property

Scancon reserves all intellectual and legal rights for its designs and products. Buyer agrees not to copy, reverse engineer, de-compile or disassemble any Scancon design or product. Furthermore, Buyer agrees not to use information or products obtained from Scancon to manufacture, or enable manufacture by third parties, products derived from such sources without express written consent from Scancon. In the event these conditions are violated, Scancon reserves the right to seek a legal remedy in any Danish court of competent jurisdiction.


Governing Law

These General Terms & Condition’s shall be interpreted under Danish law. Any disputes, claims, or other legal actions shall be subject to Danish Law and ruled on by a Danish Court (The Civil Court of Hillerød, DK).


Contact Information

See www.scancon.dk for your local Agent or Distributor. 
Or contact Scancon directly:

SCANCON Encoders A/S

 Tel:.   +45 48 17 27 02
Huginsvej 8     VAT: 15 65 56 58 (Export)    
3400 Hillerød     VAT:  81 11 70 12 (Only Denmark)

E-mail new orders to:  Sales Directors or order@scancon.dk