Encoders - Solar Energy

Quality encoders for the solar energy industry

At SCANCON we are proud to have been providing customers with high quality encoders for the solar energy industry for decades.

The solar energy industry is seeing a tremendously exciting surge these years, and we are very happy to provide an essential pillar in that success.

Scancon has designed rugged and reliable encoder solutions for the solar industry. We offer not only standard encoders but also a variety of innovative products, custom made for your encoder needs. 

Encoders for photovoltaics

We provide high-precision encoder solutions to you, who are looking for a reliable solution that works perfectly in tandem with your technology devices. 

Quality and reliability have always been a hallmark of Scancon encoders - and the solutions we offer for the solar energy industry are no different! 

If you want to hear more about how our encoder solutions for photovoltaics and the solar energy industry as a whole can support you, please do not hesitate contacting us!


Reach us by e-mail: sales-hq@scancon.dk or phone +45 48 17 27 02


Diameter: 24 mm
Resolution: up to 7,500 ppr
Shaft: ø 6 mm
Temperature: -40° C to 85° C (operating)
IP rating: 67


Formerly named 2RHIB (through hollow bore)
Diameter: 50 mm
Resolution: up to 9,000 ppr
Hollow Shaft: ø 3/8 in to 16 mm
Temperature: -40° C to 85° C (operating)
IP rating: 65 (66 & 67 options)